Balance in Motion  ~ Pam Vecchio Hot Springs  406-544-0360

Qi in Chinese Medicine is energy and movement. Yin and Yang are about balance and harmony. These are the basics of Chinese medicine: movement, energy, and balance. Acupuncture is an aspect of Chinese medicine that works energetically through various points in the body to maintain  balance and movement. (Read more...)
Pam has a new book out: The Gift From Within.

Roots & Nectar Āyurveda ~ Madeline Gustafson Hot Springs 208-920-0040

Madeline Gustafson is offering health and wellness consultations based on your unique goals and individual needs, implementing the ancient and natural modality of Āyurvedic medicine. Certified Āyurvedic Practitioner, Holistic Birth Doula, & Postpartum Care Provider

Radiant Touch ~ Sandra Sitzmann Hot Springs 406-250-3597

Liscensed in Massage, Certified in Bodytalk: 
"Sandra is a one of a kind masseuse. She really listens to your needs but she also customizes your massage based of your body’s feedback. The ambiance in her room immediately ignites relaxation. Sandra’s hands are therapeutic. You will leave her massage table rejuvenated. I recommend her without hesitation. She’s my go to for monthly service. Enjoy ! "   Deborah F.

Crabtree Caresulting ~ Erin Crabtree Hot Springs 406-552-9779

I was born in Central Montana and love exploring all areas of the last best place. I recently left my job as a hospice caregiver to be near the healing waters and sacred tribal land of Hot Springs.
I love connecting with and learning from new people. I love nature and enjoy adventures that combine the great outdoors and wandering around new places. My favorite things in the world are music, animals (dogs and horses, especially) reading, and camping.

Aligned Body Wellness ~ Eric Deforge Hot Springs 843-476-8606

Eric DeForge specializes in Rolfing Structural Integration, a hands on therapy that reduces pain and increases mobility by releasing restrictions in the fascia and aligning the body with gravity. Structural Integrator, Āyurvedic Health Counselor, and Yoga Instructor

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